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Civic Engagement Leadership Newsletter – Events and Opportunities

Internship Opportunity - The Soar Foundation

The Soar Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Visakhapatnam, India that was founded and established in March 2015. The Soar Foundation helps children from impoverished backgrounds gain access to quality education through a holistic growth model. By this, we mean that development is emphasized in our work by addressing gaps in access to education, healthcare, and basic necessities for children, their families, and community members.  

The Soar Foundation (

In addition to our work in promoting access to quality education to children from underprivileged backgrounds, The Soar Foundation also provides health care to individuals and families from significantly low socioeconomic statuses. Furthermore, The Soar Foundation holds communal education sessions about hygiene and health issues in high need communities and neighborhoods. Raising awareness about environmental concerns and addressing environmental issues is also one of The Soar Foundation’s principal project areas.   

Seeking Interns/Volunteers  

We are seeking motivated and dependable volunteers or interns who can help take the lead on and contribute to four main areas of The Soar Foundation:  

  • Designing and implementing social media campaigns  
  • Developing effective fundraising campaigns  
  • Website development and content writing  
  • Designing culturally-sensitive curricula for children living in remote areas 

Volunteering with or interning with The Soar Foundation means becoming a team member and contributing directly to managing a non-profit based abroad. This is not a desk job and there will be no ‘busy work’ involved in this experience.  

Interns/Volunteers Will Gain  

  • Team leadership experience  
  • Exposure to non-profit management of an organization based in India  
  • Designing and implementing project work  

Have a wonderful week!

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