​​Civic Engagement

Research Conference

Thursday, October 12

Hinckley Alumni Center

Fall 2017 Research Conference.jpg


Dean Ben Ogles

College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Professor Richard Davis

Director, Office of Civic Engagement 


How Legislators Use Research to Build 
Better Public Policy

Moderator:  Adam Dynes, Political Science

Karen Bogenschneider

Professor of Human Ecology, University of Wisconsin

Discussants—Chelom Leavitt, Family Life; Alan Hawkins, Family Life


11:00am—12:15pm   Education for Liberation: The History of the 

Freedom Schools and Student Activism 
During the Civil Rights Movement

Moderator: Michael Clay, Geography

Jon Hale
Associate Professor of Educational History, College of Charleston

Discussants – Greg Thompson, Anthropology
Rebecca DeSchweinitz, History

12:30pm—1:45pmLuncheon—Assessing Religion's Impact on 
the Global Common Good
Byron Johnson
Distinguished Professor of Social Sciences, Baylor University
1:45pm—3:00pmWhat Does it Mean to be a "Good" Citizen 
in Complex and Complicated Times?  The 
Choices and Challenges We Each Face in a Globalizing World
Moderator: Stewart Anderson, History

Catherine Broom
Associate Professor of Education, University of British Columbia

Discussants—Roni Jo Draper, Teacher Education 
Jeff Nokes, History 

3:15pm—4:45pmStudent PanelAustin Gillett, Heather Kelley, Sierra Davis, Clare Willardson